A new kind of lawn care in Denver.

Clean and quiet, man-powered lawn mowing in Colorado!


Clean & Sustainable

The end to burned fossil fuels, stinky fumes, or greenhouse gases.  This is clean, sustainable landscaping.

Quiet & Peaceful


Loud engines to disturb your peace?  No thanks.  Our reel mowers are silent and peaceful.

Healthy & Fresh


Your grass is cleanly-clipped, rather than hacked, so it becomes greener and thicker, and requires less water!

Green Clippers', Denver's New Lawn Mowing Service is:


Something new & retro:  Get cleaner air, a peaceful quiet neighborhood, and greener grass.  
Tired of listening to the racket?  Tired of smelling gas mower pollution?  We were too!  Green Clippers is:

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The Problem for Denver Air:

"It's insane really.  My wife and I were watching the local Denver news last night and they had a feature segment about the dangerously-elevated levels of greenhouse gases that we're seeing in Denver right now, causing higher temperatures, toxic air, and even health problems. The story was reported live from a local hospital emergency room, where they interviewed people who had become ill and even lost consciousness, because of the hot, polluted air in Denver!

They mentioned that a huge percentage of the elevated greenhouse gas is generated by the swarm of gas-powered lawn mowers that we have running in our city."

- Mike Caskey

Founder & CEO, Green Clippers

Copyright 2017 Green Clippers


A Solution to Air and Noise Pollution:

You can relax and breath easy, because today's man-powered reel mowers are silent and pollution-free. And since they clip the grass rather than hack it, your lawn becomes healthier and greener. More and more people in Denver are choosing our new-school lawn mowing service because they are sick of smelling gas-mower exhaust fumes and they're tired of the noise.

Green Clippers uses latest in man-powered mower technology. We're a fresh twist on a classic American past-time.

This is just another way to help improve our environment.

Be sure to choose a modern, clean lawn care service that specializes in environmentally friendly grass clipping with reel mowers. Even if you don't choose Green Clippers, we urge you to understand why it's smart to look for a lawn service that is not only silent and better for our lawns, but also better for our fresh Colorado air.  Green Clippers is a great way to help clean up our air.

We're the clean and quiet lawn mowing solution for Denver's air and noise pollution!


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